Mobile Optics Training


Pacific Learning Technologies created tablet-based training which uses level 3 Interactive Multimedia Instruction (IMI) Software Applications to simulate the function of external buttons/switches and internal menus of optics equipment in a 3-D environment. These applications are used in a blended learning classroom environment to present the content and test a student’s knowledge and retention in a game-based environment. Practice exercises are used to simulate the functions of the device, and evaluate the student’s ability to operate the equipment prior to working with the actual device.

The presentation application asks students to identify the major components (i.e. lens, laser button, menu button, on/off switch) and to manipulate the menu functions (i.e. calibrate, take a picture, record video, change reticle).

The testing application was designed to mimic a video game that is scored and timed. If all practical exercises are completed correctly, the student is prompted to add their name to the leaderboard to see how they compared to previous users.

The result?

  • Increased motivation
  • Improved learning retention
  • Increased student engagement

“With out a doubt the students retained more knowledge from the tablets. During the practical exercise at the end of the training it was apparent that they learned the basics of the gear.”

– Instructor


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